Product Review: Wen Haircare Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are like my mom and watch infomercials or QVC on the regular, you have probably seen the commercials for the Wen hair care system. For those of you that haven’t, Wen is a relatively new kind of shampoo that has no harsh chemicals and is made from all natural ingredients. As a result, the shampoo doesn’t lather, but is a cream that you massage into your hair to clean it. Shampoo lathers as a result of the foaming agents added to them such as cocamide DEA, and other chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate.

Other than the models with the stunning picture perfect hair demonstrating this product, the other most notable part of the commercial is the price tag. $30 for a small bottle of shampoo, to be exact.

Through a lucky series of events, my mom and I were able to get our hands on three free bottles of the shampoo and a big container of the intensive hair treatment (kind of like a deep conditioner mask.)


Before using any of the products, I had extremely high expectations. The commercials made it sound like these shampoos were made from the holy water of the hair gods. I eagerly tried it several times and I have to say… this stuff is pretty impressive. Although I was disappointed with the actual shampoo, the other product of the hair care line did absolute wonders for me. So without further ado…


• The shampoo; which was supposed to be the most revolutionary product of the whole batch, was average. Although using it was pretty cool, (rubbing cream into my hair instead of lathering it) I did not notice any major changes in my hair. What changes I did see was that my hair became greasy much faster than with regular shampoo.

• After using only the Wen for several showers in a row, I noticed that my hair was much shinier and softer with its natural oils. This was an aspect that I really liked with the shampoo; however, it weighed down my hair and made it more difficult to get any volume.

• I am now using the Wen along with my normal shampoo to make a nice balance in cleanliness and softness. I use the Wen shampoo twice in a row, and then use my normal shampoo to keep the natural oils in my hair from building up.

• I have it in the Sweet Almond Mint and the Pomegranate, and they smell divine.

• Is this shampoo worth $30 a bottle? Not in my opinion, but I still enjoy the product.

• Tips for use:

o It takes a lot of product to completely cover your hair. 8-10 pumps was usually enough to cover my shoulder length cut.

o Once in your hair, let it sit and soak in throughout your shower. You spent good money on this, you don’t want to let it go down the drain without getting all you can out of it.

o Apparently, the magic of the product is in the second washing of your hair. After washing and rinsing, washing again with the product is what gives you the amazing results shown in the commercials.

o I have heard other people say that they do not use it on their scalp to avoid the greasiness. I have not tried this, but that would probably work if you wanted to use a second shampoo on the scalp instead.


Intensive Hair Treatment1604777_592852087457138_879588204_n

• This product right here is worth its weight in gold. GOLD. After being slightly disappointed in the shampoo, this conditioner brought Wen back up to an A list brand in my opinion. Holy shit did this stuff make a huge difference in my hair. It seemingly reversed any damage, almost eliminated my frizz, and made my hair velvety soft all after one use.

• It is almost like a hair mask instead of a conditioner. The consistency is a thick paste instead of a cream, which allows for it to stay in your hair instead of sliding off down your neck like other conditioners tend to do for me.

• You can see in the picture how I have used this so much that I am almost out of the stuff. I am going to be using every last drop I can get out of that container.

• If I were to actually buy from Wen, I would skip the shampoo altogether and just buy the intensive hair treatment. (Plus I would buy it on amazon to get it for cheaper.)

• Tips for use:

o Do not put this near the roots of your hair. Although it makes it super soft, you will have no hope for getting any volume whatsoever until you shampoo it again.

o Let it sit on your hair for as long as possible. The longer it sits the better it gets. I will leave it in for hours if I have nothing going on that night, and I will specifically wait for an uneventful evening so I can do just that. Using this stuff turns into an all-night affair and it is totally worth it.

o I only use this product once in a while. Using it on a regular basis is a waste, plus it is unnecessary. Once every week and a half or so and you have silky hair that lasts.

o I have heard that some people even put a hair cap on and sleep in the stuff. I think that is a little unnecessary, but if you are that dedicated go for it.

o Again, wash thoroughly. Soft and velvety can turn into greasy pretty quickly.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Wen Haircare Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. I am a hairstylist and know a lot of stylists who use this product. It is best when vigorously massaged into the hair for several minutes. Because of this, it’s too much work for me. When I did use it I found it did not leave my hair greasy if I really massaged it in for several minutes and then rinsed, and rinsed and rinsed. Good post though!

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