Product Review: Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling

I am going to start this review off by saying that for the past decade or so of my life, I have been trying every product under the sun to get my skin under control. When I was about 10 years old, I can distinctly remember getting my first few breakouts and having a complete meltdown about it. Fast forward 3 more months and they were EVERYWHERE. Face, back, chest, shoulders… my mom said I looked like a Leper. It sucked to say the least.


Other than the few scars I have accumulated and the occasional breakout, I can now say that I have got my skin under control after a decade of struggle. When I say I have been trying facial products for years, I literally mean years. When I say I’ve tried every product out there, I mean literally anything I could get my hands on.1974578_596594413749572_1084196899_n

Vivo Per Lei is one of the newer brands I have tried, and hands down one of my favorite. They have a whole line of products from anti-wrinkle crème, to scrubs, lotion, and to my favorite (and the one I am reviewing), the facial peeling. All of the products are made from all natural ingredients including salt from the Dead Sea.

The facial peeling is unlike any other face product I have ever used. To start, you only use it 2 or 3 times a week. You also don’t wait for it to dry on your skin like a mask, but instead cover your face with it while it is at a gel like consistency and rub it into your dry skin. Now, when I first saw this product I was like “How is a gel going to exfoliate my skin?” but trust me, this stuff is seriously the ducks nuts. As you rub, the product comes together into little balls and pulls out all of the dirt, dead skin, makeup, sweat, and whatever else it is you have clogging up your pores. As you rub even more, the little balls fall off of your face and into the sink bringing all of the impurities along with them. Then, simply wash off your face with warm water and towel dry.

If any of you have ever used the Biore pore unclogging strips (the ones where you pull the blackheads out of your face) you will know what I mean when I say it is weirdly satisfying to see all of the dirt that was pulled out of your face. The mask that had once started out clear is now a dirty grey, and your face is left feeling silky clean and smooth.

After using it, I don’t get near as many breakouts, my skin color gets more even, and my face just feels clean. It has worked better for me than 90% of other products I have used such as Proactive, Neutrogena, and all the other well-known brands. This is perfect1938064_596594420416238_685944640_n for girls (or guys for that matter) with sensitive skin who need something that is gentle, yet going to get the job done. With no harsh chemicals, Vivo Per Lei does just that.

I found this brand at a kiosk in the mall when I was shopping for some new makeup. Unfortunately I fell into the sales trap and ended up buying it right there for $40 and also got a free bottle of their lotion thrown in as a gift. If I had just waited, I would have looked it up online and saw that you can get it on amazon for about 15 bucks. Regardless, I am super thrilled that I stumbled across this product and had the chance to help my skin not look like such a mess.




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