Posting: Quality VS Quantity

My little blog is officially two months old, and although I am far from where I want to be, I can say that I have learned a lot. Although my posts aren’t following a journey of me finding myself (not counting my nursing career) I still think I have gained quite a lot. The majority of my new found knowledge; however, is what I have learned about blogging.

To start, who knew it was going to take this much time?! I sure didn’t. When I first signed up on WordPress, I thought I was starting a casual hobby that I would visit from time to time when the mood struck. Wrong. I find myself on here for hours at a time, constantly improving, connecting with others, writing posts, finding recipes, cooking recipes, taking pictures of recipes, tweaking my layout… good lord.

I am constantly on the hunt to improve. I find myself always asking people to brutally critique my little space here on the internet so that I can pull myself up to where I want to be. Every critique I receive is greatly appreciated and taken into consideration. I have changed my layout, edited my writing, you name it. I am always working to get better. Now if only I could afford a damn camera to improve the quality of my pictures… *sigh* One day….

Probably the most important tidbit I am figuring out about blogging is quality VS quantity when it comes to my posts. When I first launched Not So Southern Proper, I had a goal. Three posts a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. No exceptions.

Yeah that lasted about three weeks…
I found myself writing just to get something out there. Writing to meet my self-made deadline, even though my actual posts were suffering because of it. Although I would try to meet this goal, it became too much. Now that I have met this little milestone and am able to reflect on my work for the past two months, this is probably the biggest improvement I can make. Improve my writing. Duh. That is what essentially blogging is all about.

I need to ease up on myself! I started this whole thing to try something new, rant about nursing school, and make a whole bunch of good food and post about it. I have decided to post less, but better. Less random posts, better quality. Less stress, more enjoyment.

Let me know about what you have learned as a blogger in the comments below! Or if you have a critique for my site, feel free to fill me in about it!



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