The Problem with Southern Style


I stealthily snapped this picture today while I was in one of my nursing classes (sorry for the low quality.)

In one small corner of our large classroom, there were three of the Exact. Same. Purse. Literally exactly the same. Same brand, size, color… Now you may be thinking “Oh how funny, what a coincidence!” But this picture embodies what southern fashion has become.

The “southern look” can be very cute and flattering.  The flowy tops, colorful patterns, cute accessories… it is a hard combination mess up.  The problem here is that it is all consuming; what one person has, everyone wants.  And I don’t mean they go out and find something similar, I’m talking about the exact same items. 

A few words come to mind when I think about how people dress down in these parts:

  • Cookie cutter
  • Monotone
  • Non Individualized
  • Uncreative
  • Fixated

Have I beaten that to death yet? 

It is so much more interesting to look into a crowd of people and see all different types of styles and outfit combinations!  I hate to sound so cliche, but why follow the crowd when you can do your own thing!  Taylor your closet to what you like.  If you have the confidence to wear something, you can pull it off.  (Just look at the half shaved head trend that is going on.  I cannot imagine how else that was able to take off other than a few really confident people rocking it without a second thought.)  If you glance around a classroom or mall or grocery store, you will see the same things over and over again.  Fellow southerners, you know exactly what I am talking about here:

  1. Chevron                     zura-120531-chevron_in_navy_rb51
                                                (This is literally just zig zags.  I have no idea why everyone is going crazy for it)
  2. MonogramsMonogram+Styles
  3. These Braceletss681119572637840534_p44_i1_w800
  4. This watch908222_fpx
  5. Lilly Print everything
  6. Jack Roger flip flopsimages
  7. Bubble Necklaces41fvN3PZmRL._SY300_

The list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong, a bubble necklace here and there is fine, but it is all wayyyy overdone. Do you really need to monogram EVERY piece of clothing you own? How about owning one pair of Jacks and a few other sandals instead of 10 pairs of Jacks in all different colors?

Even guys are all following the crowd!  Khaki pants with a pastel button down, boat shoes, camouflage, Ray Bands, bow ties… (Ok I do like the bow ties…)

All I ask for is a little creativity and individuality when it comes to style. It is what sets you apart from the masses!  Plus, think of all the awesome styles you can try out now and roll your eyes at later on down the road when you are older and your friends and family pull out the old pictures.


3 thoughts on “The Problem with Southern Style

  1. I actually love that MK bag! But I just saw it for the first time when a girl I work with was given it for free on her husband’s work trip. Or that was the first time I noticed it, anyway. I have also never seen those shoes or those bracelets (they’re both kind of ugly). Oh, and I’ve never seen that lily pattern either. Or again, just haven’t noticed it. I like the necklaces (I’ve never worn one) and I like chevrons (also never worn that pattern- probably just cause I’ve never found anything in chevron that fits). I see a lot of high wasted, super super short shorts like we’re in the 70s and cropped tops that nobody should be wearing. I guess I just don’t give style that much thought. I kind of just wear whatever, which is usually just tank tops and shorts or pants and cardigans. Not very creative. But I’m kind of a plain person so it fits.


    • I should also take into account that I am going to a very small school in the middle of no where haha. Although I see a lot of what I talked about, I do see the high wasted shorts/ crop top look as well. It is just not nearly as much, especially not in person. If I go online, there are a lot of photo shoots with that kind of look, but in person it is largely what I described.

      And I wouldn’t call that plain! Comfortable and classic 🙂


      • Yeah, when I went to a smaller college, everybody looked the same too. And those shorts and crop tops are ALL OVER in Atlanta. It is such a horrible style!


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