About Me

My name is Madeline Stone and I was not raised to be the southern proper girl you would typically find this side of the Mason Dixie line.   Born and raised in the heart of North Carolina by two parents straight out of Jersey, I am a mutt of American cultures.  I have the mindset of a northerner with the habits and tendencies of a southerner.  I don’t say yall, I don’t own Lilly or monogrammed anything, and I have the accent a news cast reporter dreams of – none at all.  That being said, I can’t say that there aren’t any southern traditions have rubbed off on me.  I do hold doors open for everyone, I can’t help but call adults ma’am or sir, but most of all I have a passion for making and serving good food!

I am currently living in the dorms of a small private college in the middle of nowhere as a junior in Nursing School.  Living in college has its pros and its cons, but one of the largest cons for me is definitely the lack of cooking space/supplies as well as a lack of funds for ingredients.  This constantly forces me to be creative when it comes to my methods of cooking.  I have decked out my room with several cooking appliances that will carry my passion for cooking these last two years until I have an apartment of my own with suitable space for my creations.

I hope you enjoy my website.  Here I will write a few times a week about my most recent creations in the kitchen, my experiences in nursing school, makeup and style (my other guilty pleasure), and the other rants and raves that come with being in your early 20’s.


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