People are Going All Out with their Easter Eggs!

Easter is right around the corner, and I am seeing bunnies and baby chicks all over my pinterest. What caught my eye though, is all of the creative ways people have come up with for decorating their eggs! Growing up we would dye our eggs in the typical fashion, but we never got this fancy with it. One year we tried drawing white crayon over the shells before dyeing them to try and get a design to appear, but they came out terrible. It just looked blotchy. Whatever these people are doing though, they are doing it right! Here are a few that are my favorite so far:

People are getting creative with using different medias to get a pattern on the shells.  I would have never thought to use a paper napkin or a tie. 





I love the marble look you can get by dying shaving cream, swirling it around, and dipping the egg in but you cant beat the colorful layers of the middle one.  This person used hot glue and multiple dips into the dye to give it the swirl look.  And the gold leaf at the end! 




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Posting: Quality VS Quantity

My little blog is officially two months old, and although I am far from where I want to be, I can say that I have learned a lot. Although my posts aren’t following a journey of me finding myself (not counting my nursing career) I still think I have gained quite a lot. The majority of my new found knowledge; however, is what I have learned about blogging.

To start, who knew it was going to take this much time?! I sure didn’t. When I first signed up on WordPress, I thought I was starting a casual hobby that I would visit from time to time when the mood struck. Wrong. I find myself on here for hours at a time, constantly improving, connecting with others, writing posts, finding recipes, cooking recipes, taking pictures of recipes, tweaking my layout… good lord.
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When You Realize Mom was Right…


My mom and dad with me as a baby

Now that I am about to turn 21, I am able to look back on my childhood and see it through the eyes of an adult. Instead of seeing the indestructible, always right, totally-with-it me, I now can see what a stereotypical kid I was. To make it worse, I was stubborn as all hell so when I was told to do something, I fought tooth and nail. Nowadays, I catch myself more often in everyday situations saying “Wow, mom really was right…” Whether or not you choose to admit it to your mom is up to you, but you can’t deny that we all have these moments. It happened to me today when I was doing my makeup, which inspired this little post.

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