Everything Else

This is going to be where I post all the other articles that don’t really fit anywhere else on the site.  Along with being my online cookbook, and personal documentation of my journey to becoming a nurse, I have a lot of other thoughts and ideas that I would like to share with you lovely people.

The videos are going to be coming soon.  I am saving up for a decent camera and will be teaching myself how to edit.  Like a large majority of college students, I don’t have the kind of money to be throwing around on nice new equipment, so I get to save slowly over time. 

These videos are just going to be me getting my thoughts out there on the internet.  These are largely going to be my observations on what we do as the human species.  I like to think that I am funny and most of what I say is for fun.  It will also come in handy if I have a recipe with a difficult technique to describe in words, makeup demonstrations etc…

If you disagree with what I say, that is fine.  I have the utmost respect for people of all different backgrounds and would love to hear what you have to say about it.  Having different opinions is what makes the world go round.  Feel free to contact me about it!


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