What is in My Pantry?

Everyone has those foods we can’t go a week without. Those ingredients that always make it back on our lists of things we need to pick up at the store on a monthly (if not weekly) basis. Although I don’t have as much space in my dorm for a ton of ingredients and food, I always have the basics. If I need something extra, I can go out and get the smallest container available so that it doesn’t go bad waiting to be used again. Here is my grocery list of must haves that get me through my week of tests, homework, classes, work, and late nights.

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Basic Cooking Tips for One and All

Although cooking comes naturally to me, there are many people that simply struggle when it comes to kitchen skills. Being able to cook for yourself and for others is not only healthier, but significantly cheaper as well. Cooking a dinner for your friends, family, or someone special is a great way to bring people together! Unfortunately this doesn’t make culinary skills any easier, so without further ado:

Here are some beginners level cooking and baking tips anyone can use while in the kitchen:

• Let pans and ovens preheat all the way before using them. This allows for even cooking.

• Invest in a few good knives and take care of them keeping them sharp. You are going to use them so much it is totally worth spending a little extra. I thought I was being smart this year and bought 5 knives from Dollar Tree and to nobody’s surprise they are total shit. Continue reading